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30 visions of the future for Spain in 2030

An article that looks to the future to see how the “baby boomers” of the 1960s will be spending their retirement. It suggests that in two decades time, retired people will be using home and vehicle exchange as a way of life to travel the world. It predicts that home exchange will become the norm.

Dinero - Madrid, 01 May 2009 Pdf


Plan your vacations at a lower cost

This is an article about how with a little bit of initiative and planning, you can travel anywhere that you want in the world, without spending much money. It looks at cheap flights, couch surfing, tourist networks and cites home exchange as a good way of saving money. It includes an interview with the CEO of that discusses the benefits and process of home exchange on the site.

Personal Computer & Internet - Madrid, 01 Jul 2009 Pdf


Unrelenting vacations

This article looks at the culture of the crisis, and how this is leading to a culture of exchange. It follows the growth of Homeforhome as a company, as well as comparing other online home exchange websites. It includes a discussion of how some nationalities are more open to home exchange than others.

Cambio 16 - Madrid, 27 Jul 2009 Pdf


This holiday, I'm coming to your home (and you're going to mine)

Even with the initial sense of uncertainty, home exchange with strangers is advancing at a high speed. Thanks to the internet, they are becoming more and more habitual. And on top of that, an answer to the problems caused by the financial crisis!

There are two types of exchange: simultaneous (when the two families travel at the same time), or non-simultaneous, where the other family can take in the other family at a later date, or if they have a second home.

The advantages are endless; from the clear and important financial savings to the opportunities of being able to cook and eat in the apartment when we want, without having to go to a restaurant out of obligation. Also, it affords you to be able to get to know the other country from the point of view of a local.

Diari de Balears - Palma de Mallorca, 22 Feb 2009 Pdf


The growth of home exchange as a way of saving money on vacations

Home exchange is thought to offer a reduction in holiday costs of up to 50%. Home exchange partners can be found online, and you can find somewhere to stay in any country in the world.

One user comments that "the flat where we're going to stay in is the main home of our exchange partners. Knowing that you're going to stay in their home means that you know they will look after your home."

20 Minutos - Barcelona, 27 Jul 2009 Pdf