Frequently asked questions

What is HomeForHome?

HomeForHome is a portal for home exchange where home owners can contact other home owners and do home exchanges at any point in the year, with all the advantages that HomeForHome has to offer.


Who does HomeForHome belong to?

HomeForHome is a business that belongs to TUKAZZA !. TUKAZZA ! is the worldwide leader in home swapping with the websites GuestToGuest et HomeExchange


How does it work?

Although it could appear complex, home exchange is very popular, and every year the number of people who are starting to do it is growing. It basically consists of exchanging your home for the home of someone else in any part of the world, for a period of time that you both agree on.


Does HomeForHome have any rules for home exchange?

There is only one rule: leave the house or the flat exactly as it was when you arrived. Just as the other family will be in your house, it is necessary that you treat their accommodation as if it were your own.


Can I upload my second home?

Of course! In fact, it is very common to find people who only Exchange their second home. In HomeForHome there are no limits; you can upload as many houses as you have, and in this way you will increase your options of receiving proposals to exchange your home from any corner of the world.


Can I trust it?

Let´s imagine that when someone finds themselves in our house, and us in theirs, there will always be a strong feeling of obligation to treat the exchange home in the way that we would like ours to be treated. We have never received a complaint that someone has found their house in a condition any different to how they left it.


Does the Exchange have to be simultaneous?

The majority of exchanges are often simultaneous, but there is no rule for this. There are many people who exchange their house at different times to those of the other family, so it all depends on the preferences of each.


Are cars also exchanged?

Statistically speaking, half of home exchangers also exchange the cars. In this way they can save money on renting a vehicle, if the family needs one. Everything depends on whether there is a long distance to cover in the area of type of exchange.


What happens with pets?

In all of our home exchange offers, it is clearly indicated whether or not animals are accepted within the exchange.


Who would be interested in my house?

Home exchange is very exciting. Of course, if you have a house on the beach, or in an area in high demand, you´re going to receive more proposals for exchange. But that doesn´t mean that having a simple, small flat in a non-touristic area means that you won´t be very visible or receive proposals. Home exchange is very exciting because anybody can propose an exchange with all types of houses and flats. In fact, there are many people with mansions, villas, luxury flats in big cities, who are only looking for somewhere different where they can relax, and in this way a house that is low in value can receive exchange proposals from houses that are high in value. We´re sure that you´ll be surprised!


Am I going to save much money on my holidays?

A lot. For a big family the saving can be thousands of dollars. Bear in mind that the only cost is the travel. Once you´re there, the cost is the same as if you were at home. Many people who do home exchange don´t do it to save money, but to have fun, experiences , adventures, to get to know new people… But saving money on the trip is an important aspect to have in mind. It´s one of the many advantages of home exchange.


Can you do an exchange within the same country?

Of course. In HomeForHome you will find infinite offers in a variety locations. There are no limits.


I´m only a tenant. Can I still exchange my accommodation?

As it doesn´t involve any monetary or financial transaction, the exchange cannot be interpreted as a sub-letting. It´s as if you were to invite some friends to your house, which every tenant has the right to do. But for the sake of courtesy, it´s best to ask the owner of the home, just so that everything goes smoothly.


What we say at HomeForHome

In practice, all of the conditions, availability, types of exchange and all of the details are set by the two home owners. As such, we recommend that you get in touch with the other owner and make them the most interesting proposal possible, and it´s very likely that if good contact is made between the two parties, there won´t be any problems nor inconveniences in organizing the best exchange holidays possible.


At the time of doing the house exchange, does any type of contract exist between the exchanging parties?

In general people don`t tend to make a contract in order to exchange their homes, as often good faith, trust and the verbally agreed conditions are more than enough. However, HomeForHome gives you the option of making a model contract by providing a template example, so that those who want to can do it easily and comfortably.

You can download the contract here: